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The art of downsizing

The kids have finally left home and now you’re rattling around in a house way bigger than you need. If […]

How much money do you throw away?

While the move is on to become a cashless society, notes and coins are likely to be with us for […]

Why are SMSFs so popular?

A popular choice for managing superannuation is to take personal control via a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF). Although membership is […]

Christmas on credit

Christmas is a time of giving and receiving, but as we approach this most dangerous time of the year for […]

What is classed as a contribution to Super

We all want to retire with as much money as possible but there are limits on how much we can […]

Investing: how to reduce concentration risk

Concentration risk. No, it’s nothing to do with thinking too hard about something. In fact, it’s more likely to be […]

Does money bring happiness

The short answer is ‘yes’, but only up to a point. People in richer countries are, collectively, happier than people […]

What is GDP – and why you should care

GDP. If ever there were three letters designed to make us yawn, these would be solid contenders. So why are […]

You might be surprised at what really drives interest rates

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) and the major trading banks may play the most visible role in setting interest […]

The art of dividend reinvestment

The real power of investment comes from compounding returns – the process of putting your investment income straight back to […]

The ‘what, why and how’ of contributing to super

Despite frequent changes to its governing rules, superannuation remains, for most people, a tax-effective environment in which to save for […]

Different ways to invest in shares

Media headlines focus more on share market drops than rises, but wherever there is a weakness there is usually an […]

Start planning ahead for aged care

The only topic people don’t like talking about more than death is getting old and becoming incapable of looking after […]

The latest business model – because sharing is caring

With help from the internet, the latest business model is quietly turning millions of ‘average Joes’ into entrepreneurs.

Purchasing a property later in life

Home ownership continues to be our Great Dream, yet according to, many of us are investing in bricks …

When is a law not a law?

When governments propose changes to laws, many people mistakenly believe that law is already in place. On the contrary …

You’ve won! Now what to do?

Lottery prize pools now amass huge amounts, regularly turning everyday Aussies into instant multi-millionaires. But being ‘struck rich’ is…

Understanding super preservation

One of the key features of superannuation is that your money is held in a trust structure. This means a trustee is responsible …

An often forgotten aspect of insurance

When most people think about financial planning they tend to focus on the wealth creation side of things, but often forget about the wealth protection.

What would happen if you couldn’t work?

If you were paid the average annual wage of $82,804¹, you could potentially earn $10,000,000 over a 40-year working² life.

Superannuation… it’s not a case of “set and forget”

The government regularly reminds us that each Australian must take responsibility for funding their future. Regardless of when…

“Tap and go” and then what?

Talk about hammering the plastic. In November 2016 Australia’s 16.7 million credit card accounts were used to make 226 million transactions…

DIY insurance – is it for you?

Research shows that Australians are underinsured prompting insurance companies to advertise simple insurance solutions on television.

What drives the value of our dollar?

Importers and exporters may pay the closest attention to the value of the Aussie dollar, but movements in the exchange rate affect us all.