As you edge closer to the next exciting chapter of your life, some of these questions may be on your mind:

  • When can we comfortably retire?
  • What will life be like with more free time?
  • What’s next for my business after I retire?
  • What if the stock market takes another dip?
  • Can we financially help our children and grandchildren?
  • Will I get the Age Pension or Health Care Card when eligible?

It’s completely natural to feel a bit lost and uncertain about where to begin.

Consortium Private Wealth takes the second-guessing out of planning for life after work.

confident path forward

path forward

Look ahead and feel good about what you see. Know how long you’ve got to work and what you’re striving for.

Spend without worry

Spend without

It’s about balance. Enjoy your hard-earned money now and take advantage of every chance to grow your retirement savings.

huge weight lifted

A huge weight

No need for those midnight money worries. Even with the world buzzing, be assured that your retirement plans are on track.

Think of retirement not as a finish line but as a new starting point

What do you want your retirement to look like? It’s your time, let’s make sure you get to spend it your way.

How much do you really need to retire the way you want? Let’s figure out that number together and plan how you’ll get there.

What’s your super balance looking like? When can you access it? We’ll go through it together, making sure it’s sorted and on your side.

Keen to ease out of work and into retirement? Let’s explore how you can cut down your hours without stressing about income.

Take a good look at your income and expenses. Now and for the future. Let’s make sure your money’s doing what you need it to, now and down the track.

Got a mortgage hanging over your head? Let’s make a solid plan to pay it off, so you’re heading into retirement debt-free.

Let’s ensure you’re getting the most out of your super. Organise your assets and income to keep taxes low and government benefits on your side.

Inheriting wealth can be a complex journey. We’ll guide you through, ensuring every dollar is thoughtfully allocated to protect the legacy of your loved one and secure your financial future.

retirement planners

Look forward to retirement with straightforward advice

With a well-crafted retirement strategy and a little patience, you can look forward to celebrating more of those woo-hoo moments in the future.

Popular retirement planning questions

Ideally, the earlier you start saving, the more your savings will grow due to the benefits of compounding interest over a long period of time. Of course, while you’re young, other priorities get in the way of focusing on your retirement; however, small commitments to retirement at these younger ages will add tens of thousands to your retirement lump sum.

As you can imagine this is a difficult question, and the answer depends on your income needs throughout retirement, your investment preferences, are you comfortable spending your capital as well as your income, and of course the difficult question of how long you’re going to live. A comfortable retirement income for a couple aged 65 is approximately $60,000 per year, this income can be made up payments from their own retirement savings and also supplemented by the governments age pension if they meet the assets and income test.

First and foremost, we need to ensure that you are utilising tax saving strategies such as salary sacrifice into superannuation particularly in the latter years of your working life. It is these years debt should be minimal, and the kids may be more financially dependent than they’ve ever been, giving you increase cash flow to implement superannuation salary sacrifice strategies. Secondly making sure your asset allocation of your investments are set up to give your assets the opportunity to grow over the longer term. Remember, our retirement years could last through to over age 90 and we need to make sure that we give our retirement assets the best opportunity to last the journey.