Make every moment and every dollar count

You don’t want to be stuck on the hamster wheel forever, but between work, family and life’s endless to-do’s you don’t have the time or headspace to focus on your finances.

  • Should we put money away for the kids’ education or to help them buy a car?
  • Should we be paying off the mortgage or putting money in super?
  • Can we still afford our family holidays?
  • What if something happens and I can’t work?

At Consortium Private Wealth, we help you answer the ‘should we?’, ‘can we? and ‘what ifs?’ that are on your mind.

family financial plan

Cut through
the chaos

Say goodbye to financial confusion. We break down complex concepts into clear, understandable language, helping you make informed decisions.

financial advice for families

Enough with
the Joneses

Feel the power and peace of mind that comes with total financial understanding and control.

financial planners for families

Your money,
more mileage

No more tossing and turning over money worries. Feel at ease knowing you’re making the most of every dollar.

It’s all about balance—savour today and save for tomorrow

Where do you see your family in the next 10, 20, 30 years? Let’s work together to ensure your finances are geared up to make that vision a reality.

Life throws curveballs. Let’s build a financial safety net, ensuring your family is secure, come what may.

Dreaming of being mortgage-free sooner? Let’s work together on smart strategies to knock off that home loan faster and free up your finances.

Children’s education is a priority. Let’s plan for it, ensuring you have the funds ready for their academic journey without strain.

Get a clear, honest picture of your income and outgoings. Together, we’ll organise your finances and get your money working on autopilot.

Let’s optimise your superannuation, ensuring it’s working hard for your future.

Together, we’ll carve out a saving strategy ensuring your family’s funds are growing and accessible for future needs and goals.

Let’s look ahead and lay down the tracks for a comfortable, enjoyable future with investment strategies that align with your goals and sleep-at-night factor.

family financial planning

A simple, structured path forward

Growing, protecting, and enjoying your money is better with an experienced financial advisor in your corner.