Aged Care choices are complex. Making the wrong decisions can come at a high price, emotionally and financially.

Whether you are considering aged care for yourself, a parent, partner or loved one, the decisions you face can seem overwhelming.

  • Should we keep or sell the family home?
  • How much will aged care cost?
  • Do we get any financial support from the government?
  • How will moving into an aged care facility impact my Age Pension?

Consortium Private Wealth can help you understand your choices and make the right decisions for you and your family.

aged care financial advisors


We can help identify the fees and charges that will apply to you as well as evaluate the affordability of aged care in the short and long term.

age care entitlement advice


We can help determine your entitlement to a Government pension and other benefits.

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We can provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your options so that you can make informed decisions.

Navigate the different aged care expenses with ease. Your financial advisor will clarify daily fees, accommodation prices, and additional charges, ensuring your choices are well-informed and within your budget.

Protect what you’ve built. Work side-by-side with a financial advisor to strategically manage and employ your assets for your benefit, ensuring your aged care plans are met without unnecessary financial drain.

Steer clear of the stress from unforeseen aged care costs. With a financial advisor, build a robust financial safety net, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted aged care journey despite unexpected expenses.

Cut through the complexity of government benefits. With a financial advisor’s guidance, access all available entitlements, substantially reducing your aged care expenses and enhancing your financial ease.

Ensure financial readiness for quality aged care. A financial advisor will help streamline your budget and finances, securing a steady cash flow to afford your aged care needs while preserving your wealth.

Your financial advisor will guide you in estate planning, ensuring your assets are wisely allocated, safeguarding your legacy and securing your loved ones’ financial future.

Robert Goudie

Make informed financial decisions for Aged Care

We help you understand your financial choices to get the best Aged Care outcomes for you or your loved ones.

Ashley Rowan

Financial Adviser

Popular aged care questions

Financial arrangements can vary within a facility and from one facility to the next. Every individual’s circumstances are different, and one financial arrangement may be better suited to you than another.

Your assessable assets and income can be used to determine the maximum amount of an accommodation payment you can be asked to pay.

Your income and assets are assessed to determine the Daily Care Fee and Care Contribution Fee that will apply.

A guide to planning for Aged Care ebook

A guide to planning for Aged Care