Christmas present financial advice

Why seeing a financial adviser could be your best Xmas gift

The run-up to Christmas is usually a hectic time. Aside from the shopping and Christmas parties, there are deadlines to meet, loose ends to tie up and, for many farmers, the last of the crop to harvest.

Whatever Christmas looks like for you, it’s essential you spend your time and money in a way that brings you and others around you joy and deeper connection. This is a time of year where there are rarely work and other commitments that need attention, leaving us with the space to focus on deepening the special relationships around us. Put simply, Christmas is about quality time with loved ones, not overextending yourself by spending too much.

Once the big day is over many of us are able to slip into a more relaxed mode, but as your focus turns to leftover turkey and pudding, or lounging on the beach, why not spare a thought for your financial situation? With everyone else relaxing, the Christmas holiday period can be an ideal time to check your finances and start the New Year with everything in order and heading in the right direction.

As their clients hit the beach, the holiday period is often a quieter time for the financial advisers who remain on deck. That’ll make it easier to see a busy adviser. And while there’s always plenty to do down on the farm, that post-harvest period may be the perfect time for farmers to sit down with their financial advisers.

If a rainy day puts a dampener on your holiday fun, why not dip into the filing cabinet and tidy up the paperwork? You may be able to get rid of old documents you no longer need (make sure you dispose of them securely), find new opportunities, or discover important things that you’ve overlooked. Is your cash working hard enough for you? Has your portfolio become unbalanced? Are your personal insurances all in order? Are you saving enough?

So why not make a Christmas resolution, to call us and make an appointment to review your financial situation. You’ll come away well equipped with some New Year resolutions to keep your finances humming along for the year to come.


The information provided in this article is general in nature only and does not constitute personal financial advice.

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