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Portfolio Administration Services

To complement both financial planning and asset management client services, we also provide complete administration services particularly for self managed superannuation funds or direct share portfolios.

Why Choose Us?

Online Tracking

All investment portfolios are tracked via our online facilities which enable you to keep up-to-date with your portfolios performance and transaction details. In addition, our systems can provide a convenient and timely data source for your accountants to assist with their end of financial year work.

Mail House

As part of our portfolio administration services, we act as the mail house for your self managed superannuation fund or direct share portfolio and manage the magnitude of paperwork and corporate activity on a daily basis.

Peace of Mind

Entrusting us to manage and direct your investment portfolio’s will prove to be a rewarding experience, allowing you, our client, to focus on things that you would prefer to be doing.

Popular Questions

What is the portfolio administration service?

Our portfolio administration services helps provide the benefit of direct share ownership without the substantial burden of the paperwork, administration dealing with share registry’s, and ongoing corporate actions. Our administration service provides regular ongoing reporting to the investor and also your accountant to make tax time a breeze.

What are the advantages of the service?

With our online reporting clients have access to their funds’ with a simple login to get the most up-to-date values and portfolio reporting. Our reports are of tax quality and at the end of each financial year we will work with your accountant by providing them a consolidated tax report. There is no need to find contract notes or dividend statements all this work is done for you!

How can I access my portfolio?

At the end of each day’s trade your portfolio is automatically updated to reflect the changes in your investment assets over the day. While we don’t encourage people to check their portfolio daily, particularly if the volatility of the market causes any stress. But many of our clients do understand the markets and enjoy investing, so this up-to-date portfolio information is beneficial.


What happens when you can’t manage your SMSF?

Members of SMSFs tend to be older than the population as a whole. While we are living longer and healthier lives, many people will reach the stage where they are no longer able to properly look after their financial affairs. Due to the high regulatory requirements controlling SMSFs, the penalties for not managing your fund correctly may be substantial. So what are the options?

A qualified financial adviser with the appropriate systems in place can help you manage your SMSF. In the event that you lose the ability to make decisions about your fund, an adviser can also assist other trustees or your appointed attorney. Depending on the size of the fund, the overall cost of using an adviser can be less than the total fees charged by managed super funds, while ultimate responsibility for fund compliance remains with the trustees.

It can be difficult to decide when the time is right to hand over the reins of your super to someone else. It’s important to make plans, discuss them with your fellow trustees or your attorney, and to seek professional advice as to the best way to ensure your super will be well managed if you can no longer ‘do it yourself’.


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Send us an email anytime!

24A Darlot Street, Horsham

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