Aged Care Planning

Aged Care choices are complex, making the wrong decisions can come at a high price, emotionally and financially.

Whether you are considering aged care for yourself, a parent, partner or loved one the decisions you face can seem overwhelming. Some of the important financial decisions people are faced with are often highly emotional too, for example whether to keep or sell the family home. Trying to balance all of the considerations of ensuring access to the care you want while seem like an impossible task. We can help you to understand your choices and make the right decisions for you and your family.

How we can help

Fees and charges

We can help Identify the fees and charges that will apply to you as well as evaluate the affordability of aged care in the short and long term.

Social Security

We can help determine your entitlement to a Government pension and other benefits.

Clarity and Choice

We can Discuss the options for meeting your aged care costs as well as provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your options so that you can make informed decisions.

The Benefits

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Popular Questions

  • What does aged care cost?

    Financial arrangements can vary within a facility and from one facility to the next. Every individual’s circumstances are different and one financial arrangement may be better suited to you than another.

  • Accommodation Payment – Bond or Charge?

    Your assessable assets and income can be used to determine the maximum amount of an accommodation payment you can be asked to pay.

  • What is an Income & Asset Assessment?

    Your income and assets are assessed to determine the Daily Care Fee and Care Contribution Fee that will apply.


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