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Direct Share Advice

At Consortium Private Wealth, our clients benefit from our direct share advice which in-turn increases their understanding and control over their financial assets.

Why Choose Us?

Regular Reviews

Investment portfolios are reviewed on an ongoing basis and by utilising the most up-to-date research available, our client’s receive timely advice to potentially maximise returns and minimise losses.

Tax Advantages

By utilising direct assets we have the ability to control capital gains tax outcomes throughout the financial year and maximise your after-tax returns.

More Opportunities

In addition, ongoing share advice on corporate actions such as share purchase plans or share buybacks is offered to ensure our clients take full advantage of all the opportunities that may be presented to them.

Popular Questions

Why own direct shares?

Share ownership is essentially owning a small part of a business. The goal of any business is to increase sales of its products and services which in turn increase revenue and ultimately increases profitability. Over time, if profitability increases, the value of the business and the shares of the business will increase in value benefiting the shareholders/partners of the business.

What do you look for when selecting businesses?

When selecting businesses suitable for investment it’s more important than ever to consider the sector they compete within, is there potential for disruption? and are their services and products easily scalable? (meaning they can increase sales and revenue without incrementally increasing costs). We also consider the fundamentals of the business such as debt to equity, retained earnings for future business growth and return on equity among other things.

How much do I need to get started?

With transaction costs reduced in recent years due to discount internet broking, investors can invest within the sharemarket with this little as $500 plus transaction costs. Of course with smaller amounts to invest diversification becomes an issue, thankfully there are many options that allow us to invest within a diversified fund with only one transaction which is ideal for smaller amounts.


Invest for the future not the past

Investing bears no resemblance to gambling and, unfortunately past ‘form’ seldom provides an indication of future performance. Many investors are tempted to look at the best performing sector over the past year and then switch their share investments accordingly. Beware this can be a recipe for disaster.

In many cases, last year’s poor performer can turn out to be this year’s best – for example, International shares in 2015/16 averaged -2.7% but in 2016/17 became the star performer at 18.9%.

Or vice versa – Australian listed property achieved an average return of 24.6% in 2015/16 but proved to be the worst performing sector in 2016/17 averaging -6.3%. Investors who changed their portfolios to chase those high returns from the previous year would have been seriously hurt.

The simple answer to this lack of form is to establish a share portfolio with a mixture of the various investment assets that suits your own objectives and risk profile. Staying with this formula over the long term will invariably provide the most satisfactory outcome, irrespective of the performance of individual assets.

Contact us today to review your investment portfolio and provide direct share advice to ensure it’s continuing to meet your needs.


Where to invest and Why to be there

Wanting to understand the best areas to invest to get the best results for your savings?

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Send us an email anytime!

24A Darlot Street, Horsham

Victoria Australia 3400
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