Paul, 46 – 55 years, Brunswick East, VIC

“We recently saw Ashley for some advice after we had to put my Mum into permanent care. She has dementia. In what is already and absolutely horrific time, my Dad had the added burden of needing to come up with $350,000 deposit. We spoke with Ashley about financial options with a combination of savings, part pension and superannuation, with payment options for the nursing home while still being able to live a decent lifestyle on what money was left over. Ashley was outstanding, his knowledge of the industry and the legislation was outstanding, his advice was, in depth and accurate, he gave options, and he made it very simple for us to understand. But above all, he was understanding and caring. I would recommend Ashley for anyone who has an aged care related financial situation. You will get the best advice from someone who is empathetic and understanding. Thanks so much Ashley.”

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