B & R Johnson

The advice provided by Rob Goudie saved us from making a very dangerous financial decision and we will be forever grateful for his prudence and words of caution. Rob’s vision was for the long term whilst we were caught up in the excitement of making a very nearsighted and emotional decision, which would have left us in an extremely precarious financial position. Rob’s approach is ‘slow and steady’ but will see us reaching our financial goals within five years and will leave us in a much more secure position with less debt and a better work/life balance which is important for our family. Rob has consistently listened without judgement and offered solutions that are attainable. The targets that he has set for us have been realistic and the long-term outcome will be worth the small sacrifices along the way. We trust that Rob has our best interest and the interests of our sons at heart and that he has sought to protect us with our insurance policies and help us to provide for our hildren. 

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